A night in Singapore

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After a 6-hours-flight from New Delhi to Singapore, here we are ! The futuristic city is right before our eyes and is more impressive than expected. We will spend only one night in Singapore, but that will be enough to amaze us.

Night in Singapore, heat, rain and Quarters

When you arrive in Singapore, the first striking thing is the huge humidity ! The annual average of humidity there ranges throughout the day from a maximum of 96 percent to a minimum of 64 percent. The temperature is also very hot (around 30°C). With our big backpacks, 16 hours of flying through our bodies and minds and the lack of sleep, we let you imagine how oppressive the arrival was. From the airport, we took the train to reach our hostel perfectly located in the city center. We stayed at Quarters Hostel, close to the train station Raffles Place (2-minutes-walk). This is a small but clean and friendly hostel, near the riverside and in a street full of bars and restaurant. For a first night, and given how tired we were, it was perfect to have everything nearby.

night in singapore

That night, we let our bags at the hostel, showered then we explored a bit the area in spite of our tiredness. Having a walk near the riverside by night was relaxing. It was curious and interesting to notice a discrepancy between the animated nightlife and the quiet atmosphere of the city. You can see that people like going out, people drink at terraces, you can guess that some clubs are crowded, and yet, the city isn’t noisy at all. We had dinner in a good restaurant which was recommended on Yelp (our favorite app to look for a restaurant), Song Fa Bak Kut Teh. To choose our meals, we trust people’s recommendations on Yelp and I glanced at our neighbours tables : pork ribs soup, rice and vegetables !

night in singapore restaurant

After dinner, we drunk some cocktails in a bar on Boat Quay. This small alley is full of bars and restaurant too and offers a view on the riverside. It was cool to have a drink there, until it suddenly started to rain hard ! Fortunately, we were only 2-min-walk from the hostel. During that night in Singapore, we were amazed by all those enlightened skyscrapers and the fact that you feel like breathing the air of money everywhere.

One night in Singapore
After night in Singapore, back to flying 

The day after we had a free breakfast at Quarters hostel. We could eat some toasts with jam and chocolate spread, have coffee or tea, fruit juice and we would cook ourselves some eggs. The funny thing about eggs was that we had to cook it outside, in front of the the hostel.

Pierre cooking in front of the hostel in Singapour

After our breakfast, we walked through the city and headed to the Chinatown district. During our walk we were stunned by some buildings. In Singapore, they have an impressive imaginative architecture. We felt like travelling into future. You can see buildings which look like no other skyscrapers in this world. Singapore took example of other big cities like New York, but reinvented it in a better, futuristic and prettiest way. For instance, we had a big crush on a very modern building with glass and trees, that you can see on the pictures below.

Building in Singapore

building with glass and trees in singapore

We had lunch in Chinatown, but not in the main visible street which really looked like a “tourist-trap”. We looked for a restaurant that we found on the Internet but we finally did not eat in it due to lack of time. We just chose one of the restaurants around it. There were mainly locals there and our lunch was actually very tasty.

After Chinatown, we went back to our hostel to take our bags and say goodbye to our host. Then, we departed for the airport again. Next destination : Jakarta in Indonesia !

Our travel budget in Singapore

singapore travel budget

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