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Arrival in New Zealand: Auckland

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After 16 hours of travel, here we are in New Zealand! With our Working Holiday Visa in our hands, we are ready to start a new life in the land of Kiwis. First step: Auckland!

First steps in Auckland 

We flew from Krabi in Thailand, to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Then from Kuala Lumpur to Gold Coast in Australia, and finally to Auckland.

When we landed at Auckland airport, we were totally struck by the friendliness of customs workers. Especially as, after I was snatched in Bali and asked for an emergency passport to keep travelling, I didn’t think about warning the New Zealand authorities about my new situation. Yeah I know, that was stupid of me, but when lying on the beach and living easily, I think you quite forget about all those papers things you know. Anyways, the fact is that the New Zealand immigration had my name registered with the old lost passport and not the new one. I was kind of stressed when I realized it! But the staff has been very comprehensive, took 15 minutes to check it all out in their office, and just mentioned me not to forget to warn the immigration as soon as I have my new “real” passport.

When we first stepped out the airport, we caught a gust of wind! We only had summer clothes on our bags and small jackets, so we were freezing! After three months enjoying 30°C  minimum everyday, it was quite hard to bear those sudden 16°C… To reach the city center, we got on a Skybus. Skybus is the 24 hour Airport bus service. It cost us $16 one-way as we bought our tickets online. If you buy your ticket directly on the bus, it would cost you $18 one-way. It took us about 40 minutes to get to the city center. Note that you have free wifi on the bus. Now that we had arrived in the city center, the mission was to find the apartment of our host for the three days ahead.

Fuuny fact about Auckland, people can cross the streets diagonally!

3 days in Auckland: couchsurfing, sports and jacuzzi

Even though we thought Wellington would be better to live in, we decided to compare it with Auckland. So, we decided to spend three days in Auckland to try and feel the city. According to us, the best way to understand better a city is to live with locals. We used the website and found a great host keen to host us during our stay. Our host was a French expatriate and as luck would have it, it turns out that he and I used to work for the same company in Paris! We had a very good time in Alex’s flat perfectly located around Viaduct Harbour. We were sleeping on his comfortable couch and he was always keen to hang out with us, share dinners and fun moments. He often offered us free pass to go with him at his gym club.

And the cherry on the cake, we could enjoy the residence’s swimming pool, jacuzzi and sports room !

We really appreciated our time in Auckland. However, we did not feel like living in the city. We found it too big, too impersonal and not so friendly. We felt that was the good city to work in big companies and have a business life, but it did not suit our expectations. Consequently, after three days, we decided to head to Wellington.

Below, find some more pictures of Auckland!

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