te aute new zealand

First HelpX in Te Aute

After more than two months spent in Wellington living a sedentary life with house and jobs, we decided to head to the countryside. To save money, we decided to volunteer as Helpx workers.  First stop: Te Aute, a small town located in Hawke’s Bay.

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Mount Victoria Wellington

Earthquake in New Zealand

Monday 14th of November, around midnight, we could live one of the biggest earthquakes in New Zealand’s history. It was a 7.5 quake, that woke us up during night and made everything shake in the house. That was a scary and impressive moment.

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Discovering Weta Studios

We visited Weta Studios, which is the group of companies producing effects for television and film and co-founded by Peter Jackson. Yes, the guy who directed The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit. Visiting Weta Studios is a way to penetrate into the universe of the Trilogies and discover some of the secrets. That is pretty cool, really !

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Wellington: one month after arrival

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and known as Windy Welly. We decided to settle here for the most of our Working Holiday Visa. We will at least spend 6 months in New Zealand (spring and summer). A month after, we start to get our bearings in Wellington. 

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koh jum

Koh Jum: slow motion island

Koh Jum is an island located between Krabi and the islands called Phi Phi and Lanta. The island is small and beautiful with a mix of forest, beaches and a quiet local life. Unfortunately, we were unlucky with our hotel, which ruined our pleasure to be on the island.

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